Transfer Fellowship Application Spring 2024

    The Transfer Fellowship recognizes incoming transfer students who have demonstrated potential to make a lasting impact on the Stevenson community as shown by their commitment to academic excellence and proven leadership.

    Who may apply for the Transfer Fellowship?

    Transfer applicants for admission to Stevenson University’s Spring 2024 start term with:

    • One full time semester of college level coursework (12-15 credits) by October 31, 2023
    • Minimum GPA (cumulative from all colleges attended) of 3.0

    *Students seeking a 2nd Bachelor’s Degree, International students and Stevenson Online students are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

    This scholarship is based on merit and achievement, not need-based.


    Whether submitted in hard-copy through the mail or electronically by email, transfer applicants applying for the spring 2024 Transfer Fellowship should submit:

    The Transfer Fellowship Cover Page (student’s contact information, expected recommendations, contact info) with the following attachments:

      A resume detailing educational history along with any work/internship experience and community- or school- based involvements

      The Key Essay (approximately 500 words)

      Request two references. These individuals should be professionals that the applicant has interacted with via education, work, or volunteer experience and who will comment on the student’s career/school focus, work ethic, and enthusiasm for learning, and why the student is deserving of this scholarship.

      Recommendation letter should be sent to  Please use “Transfer Fellowship Recommendation” in the subject line.

    Deadline for submitting all components of the Transfer Fellowship: October 31, 2023

    Note: Failure to submit all required materials by deadline may result in application not being reviewed

    Birth Date
    Birth Date
    Permanent Address
    Permanent Address

    Transfer Fellowship Key Essay (approximately 500 words)

    Stevenson strives to provide students with a community centered on their success, exceptional experiences and a connection to career during their undergraduate years. With this in mind, choose one of the following questions to answer in your essay related to our institution’s three commitments:

    Community Centered on Students’ Success: What community has supported you throughout educational journey and helped you work toward success?

    • Exceptional Experiences: What experiences have you had throughout educational journey that you would deem ‘exceptional’?

      Connection to Career: What are your ultimate career goals, and what sort of activities or involvements have you done that are connected to that goal?

    Select Essay Topic
    Select Essay Topic

    Reference recommendation letters should be sent to  Please use “Transfer Fellowship Recommendation” in the subject line.

    Fellowship applicants and all submitted materials will be evaluated on the following:

       Academic strength

       Demonstrated understanding and enthusiasm for their chosen major and career path

       Use of language, appearance, and creativity of submitted work

       Leadership experience


    Applicants will be notified by email within one week of receipt of all required documents.

    Finalists will be contacted during the week of November 6, 2023 to schedule an interview. Phone interviews may be arranged when travel distance is of limitation.

    Notification of final awards will be mailed to all applicants in late November.

    Stevenson University Admissions Office Phone: 410-486-7001